Supercharge Your Vending Business with VE ProUX & VE Cloud Features

Maximise your vending business potential with VE ProUX and VE Cloud. Our state-of-the-art features ensure an easy, efficient vending experience, fueling your business growth.


Seamless, Secure, User-Friendly

Front-end touch screen interface programme for the end-users to interact with a smooth vending experience.

Key Features

Multiple e-Wallets Accepted

Choices matter. VE ProUX accepts 9 types of e-wallets, making every transaction smooth and quick.


Worry less. VE ProUX refunds users automatically if a machine fails, eliminating unnecessary hassles.


Operators can view and manage the stock level in the VE ProUX dashboard which synchronises with the cloud system.


Machine is equipped with troubleshooting features specifically to diagnose product slots.


Different colour codes can be applied in the software interface to match the overall branding of the vending machine

Organise, Efficient, Real Time

Back-end cloud computing system for the machine owner and operator to monitor, control, and manage their vending machines.

Key Features

Real-time Machine Management

Control at your fingertips. Manage your machines online, in real-time, for enhanced inventory control and increased sales.

Inventory Sync
Anytime, Anywhere

Stock control made easy. Sync inventory at your convenience, maintaining optimal stock levels and reducing lost sales.

Restock Prompts

Never run out. Get notified when it’s time to restock, ensuring continuous product availability.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Stay updated. Track transactions as they happen for accurate revenue tracking and effective decision making.

Sales Reports

Know what sold. Generate transactions reporting which have details in date, time, payment method, product items, slots selected in different periodics.


Machine failed records reflect in VECloud real-time. Detailed reports will show the reason for failure and you can clear the error at your fingertips without paying physical on-site maintenance.