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Personal Vending Solutions:


Embark on an entrepreneurial journey with VE Brand Vending Machines, where innovation meets convenience.

Our personal vending solutions are designed to empower new and established business owners alike, offering a seamless entry into the world of automated business. Discover the value and benefits of starting your personal vending machines

Harness the Power of Vending for
Business Growth

Forge a Path to Semi-Passive Income

Semi-Passive Income Generation

Leverage vending machines as a cornerstone for building a business that thrives with minimal daily oversight, enabling a steady income stream with reduced effort.

Low Threshold
for Startup

Embark on your entrepreneurial venture with minimal financial barriers, straightforward regulatory compliance, and a low-risk investment.

Operate Around the

Benefit from an automated business model that works tirelessly, ensuring your venture remains operational 24/7 without constant management.

Choose VE Brand for Unmatched
Vending Solutions

A Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Trusted Industry Expertise:

Rely on Vechnology’s nine years of experience in the vending machine sector to provide you with a product synonymous with durability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

User-Centric Design:

Our vending machines prioritize ease of use, offering plug-and-play maintenance, intuitive inventory management, and a comprehensive cloud-based monitoring system.

Malaysian-Made Excellence:

With VE Brand, you’re choosing vending machines that stand at the forefront of local innovation, featuring unique mechanical designs and software developed in-house.

Supportive Onboarding for New Entrepreneurs:

VE Brand is dedicated to empowering new entrants to the vending business with comprehensive support, from cashless merchant account setup to operational training.

Pioneering Cashless Vending:

As the first in Malaysia to introduce cashless vending solutions in 2019, VE Brand machines simplify operations while enhancing security and customer convenience.

Transparent Financial Management:

Gain insight into your business’s performance with real-time transaction reporting through VECloud, ensuring you’re always informed of your financial status.

Integrated POS System for Efficient Transactions:

With a built-in VEProUX POS system, our vending machines offer a secure and seamless transaction experience for both operators and customers.

Direct Merchant
Account Payments:

With a built-in VEProUX POS system, our vending machines offer a secure and seamless transaction experience for both operators and customers.

Discover Success with
VE Personal Vending Machines

Explore our gallery to see the real impact of VE Personal Vending Machines across diverse settings, highlighting their role in driving business success and enhancing customer experiences.


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Ignite Your
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Forge a Path to Semi-Passive Income

VE Brand Personal Vending Machines are not merely products; they are a partnership designed to catapult your business to new heights.

Ideal for those seeking to diversify income sources or launch a novel business model, our solutions are crafted to deliver success, ease of use, and significant returns on investment.