Smarter, Better Vending Solution

Introducing VE-Gridbox, the latest locker vending machines we develop that seamlessly integrates with VE-Alpha to deliver unparalleled value to customers.

VE-Alpha + VE-Gridbox Vending Machine
VE-Gridbox Vending Machine

Level up your smart vending capabilities with VE-Gridbox.

Its expanded storage capacity allows you to offer a wider range of products, including larger items that were previously impossible to vend. This unlocks new opportunities and caters to the evolving demands of your customers.

Expand The Product
Range You Can Vend

Ready to Eat Food

Ready to eat food

Custom Figure

Custom figure

Dried Flower

Dried flower

Bundle Cosmetic

Bundle cosmetic product

Bulky Item

Bulky Item

How it Works

Customer Select Items from Ve-Alpha Touch Screen

Step 1

Customer Select Items they Want to Buy from Ve-Alpha Touch Screen

Making the Payment

Step 2

Customer make the Payment Via Preferred Method

Collect the item from Ve-Gridbox

Step 3

Ve-Gridbox Door will Popup and Customer can Collect the Item

Two Machines
One System


Diamond Shape Bullet Vechnology Flagship Product

Diamond Shape Bullet 21 inch Interactive Touch Screen

Diamond Shape Bullet Up to 60 Customizable Slot Spiral Based Dispensing Mechanism

Diamond Shape Bullet Cashless Payment System

VE-Alpha + VE-Gridbox Vending Machine


Diamond Shape Bullet Vechnology Latest Product Line

Diamond Shape Bullet Work In Together with VE-Alpha

Diamond Shape Bullet 18 Slot with Larger Capacity

Diamond Shape Bullet Locker Based Dispensing Mechanism

Diamond Shape Bullet Plug & Play

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VE-Alpha + VE-Gridbox Vending Machine