Industrial Vending Machine

Manage and control your inventory, improve your employees’ productivity and reduce wastage.

Efficiently Track Inventory And Reduce Equipment Wastage

Most of the consumables such as fasteners, tools, maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO), and personal protective equipment (PPE), are difficult to keep track of.

With industrial vending machines, you will know exactly how much items are used and needed, lowering the risk of insufficient and surplus situations.

Effectively Distribute Equipment To The Right People

 Manual distribution has limited control and can lead to theft, misuse, and damage to the MRO equipment.

By using a card access system, only certain people would have access. This prevents unauthorised access and shortages.




Store Equipment Securely And Reduce Administrative Work

Since vending machines require less resources and manpower, this can help businesses to reduce their operating costs.

With industrial vending machines, the department can cut down the time of creating multiple works logs to ask for consumables from centralized stores to make purchases. Everything can just be based on the reports to make decisions.

Extensive Featuresof Industrial Vending Machine

Upgradable Server Without Additional Charges

Real-Time Cloud Solution on Machine Status

Customised Card Reader Access with Operating System

Security and Permission On Certain Group of Users

Data Reporting

1080 Full HD Touchscreen Interface

Hardware of Industrial Vending Machine

Simplify Your Processes And Increase Productivity

Space Saving with Adjustable Slots

Reduction usage by 50-60% from judicious usage and misuse/ misplacing items.

Optimise Slots To Reduce Restock Time

Labor work-hour reduction by 30-35% from time spent ordering, receiving and replenishing.

Interactive Touch Screen Panel

Picture based selection which allows users to dispense the tools in the shortest time.

Our SaaS Cloud Application Make Your Space Different

  • Real-time inventory management, keep track of your  inventory to prevent unnecessary expenses
  • Data tracking on who, what, and when the tools have been used.
  • Extract big data and download to excel.
  • Isolate data based on department
  • Restrict access to certain individuals/ departments.