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Who We Are

Vechnology comes from “Vending Technology”, and the name reflects the ability as a home-grown OEM vending machine assembler in Malaysia who focuses on providing IoT & SaaS solutions for handling consumer-packaged goods and industrial tools.

Established in 2015, the quality of our service, our knowledge of the industry and our commitment to businesses has enabled us to become one of the leading vending machine assemblers in Malaysia. Vechnology continuously offers superior quality vending machines at a low price to cater various expectations from the market.

In 2019, Vechnology has been shortlisted as one of the top 30 startups in Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Global Accelerator Programme. In the same year, we have been featured as the first unified QR e-Wallet vending machine producer in Malaysia, partnering with IPay88, the leading payment gateway.

Today, Vechnology specialise in a fully managed vending service covering all aspects including equipment R&D, product quality and after-sales support. All of our machines are assembled and integrated locally in Malaysia using top grade parts.


All buildings equip with smart vending machine in Asia Pacific.


To be the leading vending technology company in providing cost saving solution for retail organization.

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Core Values


Providing excellent and professional services as well as high quality product offerings

Creative and Innovative

Maintain an industry-leading service, quality components, creative concepts and innovative features.


The best quality products and stringent monitoring ensures that the quality is maintained at all times.


Only assemble and supply products we believe in.


Highly experienced technical support are readily available to respond to client needs.


Provide the best value to any company, from an industry.


Discover convenience and peace of mind with our fully managed service.


Accept mobile payments on vending machines

Finance Options

Choose from a wide variety of flexible payment terms.

VE Cloud Monitoring

Remotely manage vending machines and get the latest information on stock availability.

Buy, Rent, Lease

Select a commercial or retail vending machine for purchase, rent or lease.


Customise vending machines according to your business, branding and event needs.


Receive access to e-learning modules and learn at your own pace.

Local Warranty

Get up to 1 year local warranty for parts and breakdowns

After Sales Service

Quality technical support, repairs and servicing for all our equipment

Company Timeline

The Vending Machine Idea

Vechnology comes up with the idea to supply vending machines in local universities to meet the demand for snacks vending machines.

Switching of Business Model to B2B

Vechnology enables businesses to extend their distribution channel using one-stop vending solution. In the same year, the company becomes the vending supplier and after-sales service provider of the 1st pet’s food vending machine in Malaysia.

1st In Malaysia Vending

Vechnology launches several types of 1st in Malaysia vending machines, including the innovative mobile wallet vending machine in Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur, to help businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

One-Stop Vending Solution

Vechnology vending machines can be found in hotels, airports, neighborhood malls, hospitals, factories, laundromats, leisure parks, and public transportation hubs. The vending machines dispense medical supplies, magazines, snacks, pet’s food, and cosmetics.

Expanding Across South East Asia

Vechnology establishes a new manufacturing facility and invests heavily in R&D, with the goal to revolutionise the regional vending machine industry. The company plans to expand across SouthEast Asia, focusing on smart vending solutions for retail businesses.

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