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Low Maintenance Cost on your machines

We will work with you to find the best replacement and products for your business to ensure your machine is always stocked and running at its best. If there are any problems, we will always be there to serve you

Discoverability on your brand

Want to increase the chances of your brand being discovered by more customers?

Vending machines can achieve that easily! Your customers can now purchase your product even without going to your shop.

Payment Security

Our vending machines are fully cashless, and all the money will directly transfer to your bank account. The money will be refunded to you immediately if there is a failed transaction.

We Create More Vending Solutions than You Think!

All the vending solution in one machine



After Sales Service

VeCloud Monitoring

Sticker Design and Wrapping

Breakdown Maintenance

Interested To Be In The Vending Machine Business?

Space Provider

Have an empty space? Lease it out so you can generate income and attract more customers to your premises!



Easy to install, easier to manage and reap profits. Start your own vending machine business today!


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Types of Vending Machine

Combo Vending Machine
Snacks and Drinks

Perfect for offices, factories, government institutions, colleges, universities, residential areas, LRT/MRT stations and public sectors.

Customised & Specialty Products Vending Machine

Customizable SKU slots, tailored to your own products. Applicable to different packaging sizes of consumer-packaged goods.

Industrial Vending Machine

Solution for factories and warehouses to control MRO, PPE, and fasteners.

Facility Vending Machine

Vendor to transform your space by providing facility values for your residents, employees, and visitors..

Interested To Be In The Vending Machine Business?

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