State-of-the-art Hardware: Durable, Functional, Reliable

Bringing together innovative technology and robust design for unmatched performance.

Embrace the home-grown innovative technology and robust design that is designed for Malaysians.


The Flagship Product Highlights:

Large Capacity Product Slots

Holds up to 60 different SKUs with customizable product slots (6 rows x 10 columns).

22-Inch Capacitive Touch Screen

User-friendly and requires less pressure than traditional screens, improving user experience.

Hermetic Compressor

As a brand that intended to expand its business to more geographical areas in a cost effective way compared to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Thermal Insulation

Thermostat foaming body with a magnetic thermal insulated door to reduce heat transmission and energy consumption.

Double-Layer Tempered Glass

Scratch-resistant, absorbs external impact, and offers high transparency for clear product visibility.

Adjustable Tray & Slot

Customizable arrangements to maximise product display and prevent mistakes.

Additional Storage Cabinet

A mini warehouse to store your stocks alongside vending machines, which ease the goods transit and replenishment speed.