Unveiling Malaysia’s Vending Machine TOP-SELLING Snacks & Beverages in 2024

Mar 23, 2024 | News & Updates

Grounded in our years of hands-on experience as a vending machine supplier, we acknowledge the importance of understanding your customers’ preferences and needs in striving for success in the vending business.

Within this piece, by incorporating the data collection and analysis generation by our vending machine-exclusive VECloud system, we’re providing you with some insight into choosing the popular items for your Snacks & Beverages Vending Machine to accommodate your customers’ satisfaction.

Never forget to include these products in your vending machine, they could be your top-tier revenue booster!

Category A: Snacks

1. Chipsmore

The combination of rich chocolate chips & crisp cookies of Chipsmore has propelled it to today’s competitive edge. Whether you’re in class or working, Chipsmore is the perfect food to kick hunger anytime. Most importantly, it’s loved by every single generation in Malaysia.

2. Mister Potato

Every Malaysian knows Mr. Potato- the #1 Potato Chips in Malaysia! It’s the ideal match for snacking! There’s a variety of flavours available such as original, tomato, hot & spicy, and sour cream & onion. Prepare your vending machine with at least one of the flavours to meet your customers’ expectations!

3. Super Ring

Don’t overlook the sales potential of nostalgic Malaysian snacks from our childhood! The crispy texture along with the rich cheesy aroma of the Super Ring still wins the hearts of many.

Category B: Beverage

1. Milo

The so-called “National Beverage” in Malaysia, Milo topped the ranking by winning the most sales in 85% of all our customers’ vending machines. Milo has become the need of people for their breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and supper!

2. Coca-Cola

Nobody can refuse the enjoyable combination of sweetness and fizz that lifts people’s spirits in just a second! No matter strolling under the scorching sun or wandering around the shopping centre, coke surely be the most chosen beverage. Hence, without concern about the location’s condition, Coke is the “must-put” item in your vending machine.

3. 100PLUS

When considering of an isotonic beverage, which brand immediately pops into your mind? 100 Plus is the answer from the majority of the customers! It indeed gains popularity especially if your vending machine is around the gym, badminton court or any sports centre.

Category C: Candies & Chocolate

1. KitKat

KitKat is the saviour for those who put their noses to the grindstone for heavy assignments or workloads. Chilling with a KitKat during break time can relieve stress yet reenergize the mind. Kitkat can never disappoint you in its sales potential!

2. Tong Garden Peanuts

Cheers to the premium-quality peanuts that have been freshly roasted and seasoned to tempt your taste buds, it deserve its popularity! In particular, it’s favoured by the middle-aged generation.

3. Nutella B-Ready

For those with a sweet tooth, every single bite of Nutella b-ready is an irresistible treat. People who are drawn to the unique taste of Nutella would unquestionably be addicted to this snack too!

Wrapping up the article, here’s a tip especially for the inexperienced vending entrepreneur: Being familiar with your customers is necessary! !

Failing to understand the needs of your customers can lead to a decline in profits and difficulties in managing surplus inventory.

Therefore, opting for suitable & profitable items is the key to your vending business success. 
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