First Unified QR, E-Wallet Vending Machine Official Launching Event

Nov 22, 2019 | News & Updates

GEORGETOWN, PENANG – The first unified QR, flagship e-wallet vending machine is now happening in Vechnology! The vending industry in Malaysia is booming and Vechnology’s aim is to transform the market into a cashless society.

A series of sharing is given by Vechnology and the key partners which are iPay88 Malaysia (E-Wallet Payment Gateway Provider) and MovingWalls (Media Technology Company), to help the vending machine owners to optimize their business to become a high-achiever in the vending industry. Hence, they will be capable of providing consumers the innovative and integrated payment solutions while utilizing out-of-home digital screen which will benefit a massive amount of different parties in various relevant industries.

Token of appreciation for key partner speaker, Ipay88 and the team
(Token appreciation for key partner speaker, Moving Walls)

“Vechnology is proud to be the first mover of OEM vending machine producer who provides the total vending solution in Southeast Asia.” said Lance Ong, CEO of Vechnology Sdn Bhd during his sharing. 

Lance Ong, CEO of Vechnology

On August of 2019, Vechnology has successfully reached the milestone of preorder e-wallet vending machines. This achievement has proven that the demand for digital wallets is increasing and Malaysia is on the fast track towards a total digital payment process.

Vechnology’s e-wallet vending machine launching event

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