“Wash your hands after handling money, especially if handling or eating food.” Doing so is “good hygiene practice.” said the World Health Organization

Money changes hands frequently and is touched with all sorts of bacteria. Therefore, people have been warned to wash their hands after touching notes or it will be better to use cashless payment instead to reduce the risk of transmission.

This Is The Time To Choose E-wallet Vending Machine To Protect Yourself and Others

Malaysia is now getting into the second wave of Covid-19, as 19 new cases were confirmed today, bringing the new height of cases in Malaysia to 55!

Here are the things that you need to know about e-wallet vending machines and these could play an important role to reduce the breakout of Covid-19.


  • Dispense Items Without Cash Transaction

Thousands or more transactions involved by circulating banknotes daily and it’s hard to prevent the dirt and viruses passed around.

This is the right time to replace cash to a cashless vending machine where Malaysian only have to pay with smartphones which can reduce the chances of spreading the viruses.

Meaning that everyone could protect anyone from the viruses spreading, especially in this critical moment.


  • Earning Extra Income While Sitting At Home – No Cash Collection Involved

Every cash vending machine operator usually collects the cash from the vending machine every day, not only for safety issues but because of the limitation of cashbox to keep the notes and coins – cause the vending machine stops operating once the cash box is full. 

But the situation will get better if the vending machine owner transforms their business into cashless. You will no longer need to waste time on money collection from the site because all the sales will go through cash-in-transit and will transfer directly to your bank account


  • Keep An Eyes On Your Vending Business With Cloud Monitoring

Now you can operate your vending machine business with no man on duty. Sounds great right? VECloud – cloud monitoring enables you to track and access your sales and inventory data with your smartphone or tablet. 

During the breakout, you should not walk out from home! With our cloud monitoring, you are able to control and perform maintenance for your machine in real-time. You can access your machine as long as your device is connected to the internet!


Let’s stay united in protecting ourselves from COVID-19. Together Vechnology fights the second wave of Covid-19 in Malaysia. Go cashless with an e-wallet vending machine today!