Drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the chill for a breathtaking view and yet a natural environment surrounded by trees with fresh cool air. Can you imagine how great is it?

Here is the place that you should visit! Templer Park Rainforest Retreat (TPRR) is located in Rawang, Selangor. A viewing deck overlooking Anak Bukit Takun, golf, infinity swimming pool, trampoline, sauna and not forget about the cooking and BBQ equipment. TPRR provided a comprehend facility which perfectly designed for your short gateway.

Photo from TPRR

Recently, they have added another new facility for the guests – an e-wallet vending machine! A cashless vending machine that can accept up to 9 e-payment.

“I am a happy e-wallet vending machine owner. This is exactly the added value facility that I am looking for my Retreat! E-wallet vending machine so much convenient to allow my guests, no matter locals or foreigners to get some bites just with their smartphones”

said Saw, Managing Director of TPRR, during the machine installation and onsite training by Vechnology team at the Retreat.

E-Wallet Vending Machine Installation by Vechnology

E-Wallet Vending Machine Installation by Vechnology


Vechnology is glad to receive such positive review from the Managing Director of TPRR.

Vechnology's Customers Positive Review

Positive Review from Saw, Managing Director of TPRR

“Today I am a happy owner of an e-wallet vending machine, delivered and installed by Vechnology team. Their team provides a really personal and good service from the start till now, handholding me through decision making, purchasing, setting up and operating my own vending machine. I highly recommed Vechnology to anyone who is still deciding on purchasing their vending machine. They would be the best choice for you!” (Retrieved from Facebook review)

Public usually find it hard to have small change to purchase snacks from the vending machine. But E-wallet vending machine totally dissolve this problem! Basically they just need to register an e-wallet account and they are free to dispense!

A 30 minutes drive away from the center of town city with such an amazing environment, no one will want to get away from there to even the nearest convenient store just for some snacks. All to say, the vending machine is a helpful facility for resorts, hotels or motels. 

Photo from TPRR

Templer Park is definitely a perfect holiday choice for family and friends gathering or even company trips because they even offered facilities which suitable to conduct an off-site meeting for a group of employees. 

Let’s plan for the next trip here at Templer Park Rainforest Retreat. And don’t forget to try on our e-wallet vending machine!

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