Vending machine An Added Value Tool, To Help Businessman Stands Firm In Their Industry

Success Story

A fruits wholesaler who have set a rapid growing pace of business, integrated with vending machine to expand their target market from B2B to B2C.

Their Story

They are one of the top local fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers, who imported fruits and vegetables from all around the world, supply to major hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesalers.

Their Goal

To expand their business by achieving B2B and B2C two forms of commercial transactions. They ensure that all the fresh produce arrives in its best form to customers.

Their Solution

Fully Insulated and Temperature-controlled to Store Fruits

Establish a fruit kiosk somehow pay high rental cost, bills and manpower expenses. Vending machine integration with their business is their prior choice. One of the reasons they using vending machine as it can be fully insulated and temperature-controlled to keep their fruits under control.

Their Success

Extend Business Distribution Channel
Besides increasing in revenue, they are now having a strong branding across the wholesalers, suppliers and consumers since they manage to expand their business through online and vending machine kiosk.

Solutions Used


To fit in various size of fruits

Temperature Sensor Setup

Controlling cooling and humidity, especially for a short lifetime fruits to remain the freshness, lower shrinkage rate.

Cloud Monitoring System

They success to reduce manpower, using cloud to monitor the condition of machine. From sales checking to advertisement display in-real time, it helps them to manage the machine automated

Branding Wrapping

Their machine wrapping enhance brand image with “one-time” purchase