The first question to focus on for someone looking to start a vending machine business is “What type of products are most profitable to sell in a vending machine?”

Remember you also have to take into account seller fees, packaging, shipping, and even the time and effort it takes to invest in this vending machine business.

Here are some suggestions that we highly recommend for you!


Long-Life Products

Snacks and beverages are the best products for a long shelf life.

Save on the labour costs, time and effort of frequently replacing stock… This is the reason why most passive incomers love operating a vending machine business! Less effort for double the revenue!


Low-Cost Products (Repackaging)

If you want something with a high profit margin, you should consider the following products: wholesale type candy and snacks.

One small tip that you can follow is repackaging into your own branded package. You can then mark up the price, and achieve higher revenues.


Essential Goods

Vending machines with essential goods such as shampoo, toothbrushes, or towels are popular options that can be seen in hotels, motels or laundry shops. Some hotels do not provide any essential items for their guests, who need to buy these from the nearest convenience store in the middle of the night!


Unique Products

At vechnology, there are some successful customers selling outstanding products that you might find interesting! From pet food vm, freshly cut fruit vm, Marvel toys vm, medical care vm, healthy salad bowl vending machines.