The First Medical Supplies Cashless Vending Machine, Purchase Value Up to RM 2K

Success Story

They are successfully secure vending machine locations for more than 5 outlets in hospitals.

Their Story

The first cashless medical supplies vending machine in Malaysia, featuring medical products such as wound care, stoma bag, compression stockings and more. They provide quality medical supplies directly to patients.

Their Goal

Their focus is to help patients to get faster and convenient 24 hour medical service with cash and cashless payment system.

Their Solution

Price range of medical supplies is quite far, from RM2 up to RM2,200. Therefore, cashless payment terminal is a must to increase customers’ purchase experience so they do not have to bring big amount of cash.

To attract the pedestrians, big display of LCD and wrapping design is useful for them. A wrapping usually can last for few years which no need to change regularly. Meanwhile, they can fully utilise the LCD to display advertisement in real-time. The exposure rate is high because it can display 24/7.

Their Success

Location Decide Success

Strategic location can directly target to market. They realise that medical vending machine get high demand form the patients because they are the only 24 hour medical supplies in hospitals. Furthermore, they decrease the long queue at the pharmacy.

Solutions Used

Payment System

Multiple payment method is recommended because price range is huge.

Cloud Monitoring

Data display visually and summary of data collection to help monitor operating condition.

Custom Product

Able to display various items comes with different sizes and shapes.

Branding Wrapping Design

Enhance product brand with interactive design 24 hours.

Big LCD Display

Custom graphic make vending machine interactive, 22’’ touch screen increase consumers’ purchase experience.