Simple, effective and impactful Test-Kit Smart Vending Machine suitable for all industries

24/7 operation can help with reducing the administrative work and freeing up more resources!

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Why Test-Kit Vending Machine?

Reduce Workload

Reduction in workload so that you can still keep employees safe without using more resources and manpower!

Suited as a solution for staff welfare as they provide a solution for quick status checks during a post pandemic situation.

Reduce Body-Contact

Staff ID Redemption method so that body-contact is reduced and thus Covid-19 doesn’t spread so easily!

Simply scan the staff ID card, scan the QR code shown on screen and the self test-kit will dispense automatically. No manpower needed at all!

Track the usage of self-test kits with our VECloud system

Track the usage of self-test kits using our VECloud system so that you can prevent overclaiming and track inventory easily!

With our VeCloud system, we can pre-set the quantity for each employee to prevent unnecessary expenses on the test-kit, and track the redemption usage by employee’s name.

Solve all your Problems with ONE Vending Machine 

Operate 24/7 - Available for all staffs that works different shift

Ease up to 50% in workload and management needed to distribute self test kits

Reduce up to 30% of Cost

How Test-Kit Vending Machine Works?

Step 1: Users select their item from touch screen

Step 2: Scan Staff Card

Step 3: Item dispensed & Collect from push basket

What’s Different About Ours Products

Restrict the Dispense Quantity for Workers

Clean and Transparency Data

Sync-Stock Level Data

Extract your Data and Download to Excel

Online Inventory Management

Dispensing Error Detection

Get your Test-Kit Vending Machine & Turn Your Workplace Into A Safer Zone Today! 

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