Run Your Extend Business, Earn RM10K Ancillary Revenue Monthly

Success Story

A canteen owner who earn nearly RM10K each month while running her canteen business in school.

Their Story

She realised that there’s no food option for hostel’s students after school yet facing manpower shortage at canteen during peak hour causes the workers were not able to handle the orders accordingly.

Their Goal

Provide healthy food for after school students and settle manpower problem to effectively scatter the crowd.

Their Solution

Placing a vending machine with a selection of nutritious food such as onigiri, sandwiches, biscuits and drinks at a lower price to benefit the students. Colling vending machine is compulsory to keep food fresh longer especially their onigiri and sandwiches. There’s wide selection they provide at the canteen stores.

Sometimes, a student just wanted to purchase a pack of snack but because of the long queue, he cancelled his plan. Therefore, the owner found a way where placing all the easy grab-to-go food in vending machine. Not only shorten the queue, but also gain extra daily incomes.

Their Success

Minimal Risk With Steady Cash Flow

The minimal risk of vending machine not only helps to have a steady cash flow, but also giving the students a free choice to purchase products at any time of the day. A diversity of products in vending machines is the key of profit return.

Solutions Used

Cooling Vending Machine

Help to keep their food hygiene and fresh since the students will be looking for supper

Cloud Monitoring

Help them to check daily sales and tracking the fast selling items so they are able to understand their customers’ preference.

Offer Multiple Items Selection

Extensive items to meet the demands of all customers, increasing their satisfaction.