The Covid-19 pandemic is a human tragedy that not only affects our nation, but a growing impact in our economy. General prohibition of mass movements and gatherings across the country after the announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO). The public and private business premises are closed except for only supermarkets, public markets, grocery stores and convenience stores which sell daily necessities.


Alright, that sounded safe. But wait! Do you really think that it will be safe? Think again. 


A consumer walks into the grocery store that is crowded – He/she is exposed to the high risk of virus transmission!

Then, he took out the notes to make payment at the counter – He/she is exposed to the risk of virus transmission again for the second time by hand to hand money exchanges during the transaction.


invest e-wallet vending machine


So what now? You as the businessman have the option to correct the situation especially in this critical moment! Here’s the best solution for you – E-wallet vending machine.  

This is the right time for you to invest in an e-wallet vending machine! You just need to set up the vending machines and fill up with daily essentials. That’s it!


Now, you just need to sit at home, monitor your machine through our cloud monitoring – VECloud. And you can check all your sales and revenue, stocks or even price adjustment with our in-house cloud monitoring!

As for traditional cash and coins vending machines, the operators have to collect the money every day. Now you are no longer needed to collect the cash from the machine again because you can just directly handle the sales and profit by cash-in-transit and transfer directly to your bank account.


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