Industrial Vending Solution That Help Smart Factories Reduce MRO Equipment Wastage And Unnecessary Costs

Do you have a factory? Do you supply MRO equipment to factories? Automate the process of dispensing and replenishing equipment, never experience shortages, and keep your operations running smoothly all the time with industrial vending.

Systematically Stock, Track, Dispense & Replenish MRO Equipment

Allowing employees to manage their MRO equipment usage often leads to misuse, loss, and damage to the equipment. Plus it is difficult to track the usage. With MRO vending machines, only authorised employees have access to the equipment. The machine also comes with real-time inventory tracking, so you will always know which equipment needs to be replenished.

Reduce Unnecessary Losses, Costs & MRO Wastage With Cost Saving Vending Solutions

Not having the right MRO equipment can disrupt an entire production line, resulting in lost profits. Operating costs would increase too if the equipment always goes missing or if you overstock the equipment. Industrial vending helps you keep your operations running smoothly, cut down on manpower costs as you need fewer staff to manage the equipment, and control the quantity of supplies to avoid wastage.

Factories & Warehouses

• Increase efficiency by giving your employees access to the equipment that they need at any time of the day.

• Eliminate theft and damaged equipment as employees are held accountable for every equipment they use.

• Keep equipment in stock as you are now able to track the movement of each equipment and automatically reorder supplies.

MRO Equipment Suppliers

• Gain the competitive advantage by entering the industrial vending machine industry.

• Gain new business with factories looking for
innovative industrial vending solutions.

• Provide a more cost-effective, reliable and secure alternative to manage MRO equipment to your existing customers.

Industrial Vending Applications

Get the most out of your inventory by providing quick, simple and flexible access.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Fastener, Bolts & Nuts

Small Operating Supplies

Other Industrial Supplies

Get The Vending Machine That Is Right For You

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