Increase Explosion Rate of Business with Vending Machine

Success Story

A successful transformation business from a physical store to 5 vending machines, achieve a measurable improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and profit satisfaction.

Their Story

The area restrictions which only able for a toy collector target his local customer, end up with an unsatisfied result in his revenue. However, moving to another high traffic location requires higher cost.

Their Goal

Increase his daily income and reputation among the toy lovers.

Their Solution

Rather than paying rental for a non strategic location, they decided to replace with vending machines as many of the customers want to access their products conveniently.

Their Success

They manage to increase revenue with the right location after placing their vending machines in supermarket and mall. They provide multiple selection of toys which suitable for kids and adults especially hot wheels diecast car.

Solutions Used

Chosen a High Traffic

They did a lot of research and finally decided to place their vending machines in mall and hypermarket based on their targeted customers.

Branding Design

Build and sustain their brand with significant design attracted pedestrian stopped down to have a look.


Product packaging is a way to differentiate from their brand from others, especially when comes to consumer decisions.