Many of us are thinking of starting a vending business. But how to find a reliable supplier with an ideal vending machine? Here’re the 6 tips that will help the vending machine operator when it comes to choosing the best one thus gaining repeating customers and boosting the sales!

How to boost vending machine sales?

Tip 1: Find a vending payment system that your customer found easy

If you are still operating the cash vending machine, you might find that your customers keep complaining that your vending machine can’t accept their notes and coins even if they are perfectly fine!

Tip 2: Fast Transaction With Zero Error During Product Dispensing

Your cash vending machine might take time on notes and coins verification. The worst thing is when your customer spends time in front of the machine waiting for nothing because your machine rejects his coins again and again!

Let’s see how our customer Tateh, as one of the largest Mom and babies retail store brands in Malaysia extend their retail with smart e-wallet vending machine!

Tip 3: Convenience Purchase Without Cash

Can you imagine how convenient the vending payment can be today? Just like a conventional wallet, you just need a smartphone, scan on E-payment QR reader, and the transaction is done! Eager to know how our e-wallet vending machine can be done within 6 seconds? Click here.


Tip 4: Vending Machine That Gives Cashbacks and Rebates All The Time

Everyone loves cashback and rebates, don’t you? Today, e-wallet companies keep offering loads of cashback to encourage and increase the number of e-wallet users. What are you waiting for? With our e-wallet vending machine that can accept up to 9 types of e-payment, your customers will be able to receive cashback and rebates randomly when dispensing a product from your e-wallet vending machine!


Tip 5: Better User interface That Increase Customer’s Buying Experience

“I would prefer if the vending machine is interactive enough during my purchase at the vending machine” said customer A. 

This is the reason why you should choose an interactive smart vending machine. The ability to use a large display touch screen definitely offers great interactive benefits for the consumers yet marketing opportunities for the owner through the use of advertising that will bring additional profit on displaying the advertisement on your screen.

(Interactive User Interface designed, by Vechnology during HSBC Bank Event)

(Interactive User Interface designed, by Vechnology during HSBC Bank Event)


Tip 6: Zero Dispense Fail Rate

A smart vending machine always equipped with IoT vending application and SaaS cloud management which is equipped with various smart features that are able to accept multiple e-payment, to track, store, manage, and upload remotely on data to improve the supply chain management.

If you are looking for a smart vending machine, please get advice from Vechnology!