This is a great story of a family who’s from the agriculture industry but adapted into an automated business after Recovery-MCO.


From Farming to Automated: This Family Have Adapted Into Vending Business


Agriculture Challenges:  Farmers are forced to rely on middlemen due to the lack of an effective supply chain

During the lockdown, the vegetable production in Cameron Highlands and Lojing reported that 2,300 farmers experienced losses of RM1 million per day due to several hundred tonnes of harvested produce not sold and discarded. (Data retrieved from New Straits Times


“Whatever you’re facing right now, there’s a way out.”

At the same time, the ongoing battle of COVID19 pandemic and the effect towards economics so badly has led to an agriculture family taking an advanced move to step into automated business. Even though it is a new business for this family, they are quite confident with how smart vending machines enable them to create a simple solution to generate more cash for their business. 

From Farming to Automated: This Family Have Adapted Into Vending Business


E-wallet Vending Machine Is A Better Business Solution 

As this family foresees the opportunities in the vending machines industry, they are now operating two e-wallet vending machines at the same time!

“Only minimum human resources needed, I can now able to check my two vending machines condition and sales through Vechnology’s in house cloud monitoring system. Meanwhile, I do not need to worry about the collection of cash as everything is getting into my bank account automatically. This is an effortless business but with greater revenue!”


From Farming to Automated: This Family Have Adapted Into Vending Business

Why Vechnology’s E-Wallet Vending Machine?

Advanced Vending Solution by VEProUX: Operate a Vending Machine Easier Than Before

The great thing about vending machines is automated. The purchasing process can be done on its own without human touch. In Vechnology, VEProUX stands for user experience, which is always our concern. To provide the users with a greater and smoother dispense experience with Vechnology’s smart vending machines, VEProUX is a perfect vending system to connect and interact between the machine and the end users.



E-payments: Cash In Transit, Easier and Safer

A conventional vending machine comes with cash and coins. Imagine that the vending machine operators have to collect the cash every day from the cash box in front of the vending machine, this is a burden for them especially for those who are employed as they do not have flexible time to do the works. But with e-wallet vending machine, everything is easy! The vending machine operators will receive their profit through their registered bank account.

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