Vending machine in Malaysia has remained at a conservative ecosystem whereby mostly selling snacks and beverages only. However, our client (Petster) takes bold action in developing a brand new distribution channel via vending machine in Pet’s food industry.

Petster is an online community and retail cube for pets. They had consigned Vechnology to initiate the pet’s food concept vending machine. The Petster’s team had mentioned on Facebook:”We decided to name this thing “PETBOX”, nothing creative-just because everything you need to feed your pet is available in this boxy machine.”

We proudly to be a part in supplying and maintenance for PETBOX vending machine. Each PETBOX houses rows of pet food, ranging from cat, dog, hamster, rabbit food and more. Food for stray animals are also available with just RM1.

Currently, PETBOX is mainly available in Selangor with about 20 outlets covered. Stay tuned for more location