Your facilities could be enhanced by fully automated smart vending machines! No employees needed, it’s a mini store on it’s own!

This Program Suitable For: 


Business Towers




Co-Working Spaces

……and many more workplace who wish to bring convenience to their people!

Wide Variety of Products

Take care of your staff by showing that you care!
You can now offer more than snacks and drinks and go further by having essential items such as hand sanitizers or tissue papers in your vending machine.

Easy to Manage

It takes little to no time to maintain your vending machine, just 5 minutes a day to refill your machines and they will keep your staff happy for a long time to come!

Payment options include contactless payments and staff ID redemption, making it easy to grab a snack anytime of the day.

Provide New Experience

Automated machines can be leveraged for both optimal staff convenience and enhanced experience, while still providing comfort and reassurance to your staff.

Hassel-Free Installation

By investing in managed vending machines you’re allowing for faster installation maintenance.

We will work with you to decide on what to offer your employees. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

You do not have to worry about restocking and maintaining as we will cover all the services.

We Provide Options for

Solution Rental

Purchase/ Buy-Off

Places We Have Facilitated

Get The Vending Machine That Is Right For You

Speak to one of our staff for a quick consultation on which option is best suited to you.