Don’t Let Location As a Problem To Restrict Your Business Expansion

Success Story

Young entrepreneurs who skipped high expensive for their business to expand their online healthy cold press juice using vending machine to replace physical store.

Their Story

They provide 100% fresh, raw and pure cold-pressed juice delivered to the doorstep. However, their business restricted by location where most of the customers located out of their area do not have the opportunity to enjoy their service. They receive a lot of feedback to expand their delivery service. Somehow, human resource and operating cost are the major problem.

Their Goal

Convenient Access to Healthier Option Increase exposure rate and reach out more potential customers easy access to healthier life through juicing.

Their Solution

At first, they managed to secure a strategic location to place a cold press juice vending machine. To make sure the freshness of fruit juice, requirement of using glass jar is compulsory to prevent heat oxidation while display in cooling vending machine. There’s nothing impossible for a vending machine to fit in various unique product items. Escalator vending machine is their smart choice for fragile items to make sure the procedure of product vending is going smooth and safe.

Their Success

Today, fresh juice display in vending machine is no more impossible! Through vending machines, they manage to increase their customers volume. No new personnel needs to be hired and yet save up multiple expenses. All their customers needed to do is visit their vending machine to make purchase.

Solutions Used

Escalator vending

Adding escalator feature to turn the broken risk to maximum.

VECloud Monitoring

They do not have to check the machine every day. The billing transaction are controlled by just a device with Wifi connection.

Branding Design

t is a crucial marketing and communication tool for their vending machine business especially gain customers’ attention to use the vending machine


Glass bottle usually shaped longer. Adjustment on each slot is needed to enhance the buying experience of business to make sure there is no error during product dispensing.