Customised Vending Machine

Every business is unique and the products offered are exclusive.  At Vechnology, we help you to customize the vending machine according to your preferences and your target customers.


Customize Vending Machine Slots, According to Your Preference

If you are concerned that your items cannot be fixed in the vending machine, we offer you the option of slot customization adjustment.

Customizing your own vending machine slots, can avoid wasting vending machine’s spaces, and get the vending machines that are designed just for your product.

Branded Vending Machine, Make A Big Impact

Custom branding not only offers the “unique” feeling, but it will also contribute to sales. The vending machines with exterior artwork design will be able to spark more interest in people who passing by.

We provide exclusive machine sticker printing, wrapping, and labeling to personalize the vending machine with your company branding, boldly representing your brand.


Multiple Payment Option To Fix Your Customer Purchasing Behaviour

The conventional cash and coins vending machines might limit the purchase if your vending machine refuses to accept your incomplete notes.

Therefore, an e-wallet is a solution to solve this awkward situation. It ensures that your vending machine dispensing success rate up to 100%.


UI & UX Customization That Give Shopper A Pleasant Experience

Touchscreen UI can be customized according to the brand theme color, which also includes dedicated video space – strengthening the brand of the company. (NOTE: only available on every project basis)

In order to build a best-in-class vending machine’s user experience, we provide a simple and intuitive way of product selection -“Swipe and Tab”, just like using a smartphone.


Open API Integration For Better Collaborate Across Teams

We have established our own ready API to meet different customer’s needs. You may integrate our vending machine with our API documentation. NOTE: Only for project basis that meets minimum order quantity)


Customers We Have Been Helped In Vending Machine Customization:

vechnology vending machine

Amazing Success Stories

They provide customs vending machines with the latest technology and provide more slots arrangement than other machines. Deal with the team to purchase 1 unit and all of them are very helpful.

Farhana Izzatee

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