Cashless Vending Machine

Do not limit your profits. With cashless payment options, payments become more simple, secure and fast. A great addition for cash, debit and credit cards payment options.

Improve Customer Experience By Simplifying Transactions

When you purchase a cashless vending machine, all your customer needs to do is to take out their phone, open their favourite e-wallet and scan the QR code. This eliminates cash rejections and shortage of loose change.

Keep Your Business Ahead By Speeding Up Transactions

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the importance of strong profit margins. Since transactions are done in mere seconds, you get to reduce queues and generate higher sales during busy periods.

Gain Complete Control By Providing Safe & Secure Transactions

At this age, e-Wallet provides a safer alternative to carrying cash or credit cards because authentication prevents unauthorised access and wrongful purchases. Best of all, all transactions go straight into your account.

Brilliant Mechanical Machine Design, Away from Usual

High Speed Processor
RK3288 Rockchip 4 Core

Impressive Purchase Performance
1.8Ghz Turbo Speed Processor

Durable and Corrosion Resistant
1.5mm zinc coating steel

Environment Friendly and Tranquility
Embraco R134a Compressor

Condensation Proof
High Security, Double Tempered Glass

Energy Saving
Insulated body machine

Should Your Business Accept E-Wallet Payments?

The Future Of Payments Lies In Cloud Monitoring Technology

Inventory Management System

Maximise your profits by ensuring your inventory is always up-to-date.

Real-Time Sales Data

Access and monitor real-time sales data, anytime and anywhere.

Error Detection

Improve operational efficiency and resolve issues faster with error detection.

Benefit From Increased Sales And Improved Productivity

Give your customers more ways to make payments that best suit their needs.

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