Cashless Vending Machine

Do not limit your profits. With cashless payment options in the vending machine, we provide great additions for cash payment options.

Improve Customer Experience By Simplifying Transactions

With a cashless vending machine, all your customer needs to do is to take out their phone, open their favorite e-wallet and scan the QR code. This eliminates cash rejections and shortage of loose change.

How Cashless Vending Machine Works

Complete a transaction with just 3 steps by using the innovative and high quality cashless vending machines.

Step 1:

Select an item with interactive touchscreen panel.

Step 2:

Open your e-wallet and let the cashless vending machine scan your QR

Step 3:

Transaction successful! Now you can just grab your item and go.

Increase Sales By Providing More Ways Of Payment Options

A large percentage of buyers found that it’s a huge frustration when they discover that their preferred payment option in your vending machine is limited/ not available.

Now with cashless vending machines, you can avoid disappointed buyers, but increase the probability of a client to complete the purchase thus raising their loyalty towards your vending business. No more failing transactions by limited with just cash and coins!

Our Cashless Vending Machine Accept:

e-wallet payment in vending machine manufactured by Vechnology

Enhance Business Efficiency By Providing Safe & Secure Transactions

Vending machines are easy but you might spend too much time handling cash tasks, such as coin exchange at the bank, counting cash, collecting your daily sales in front of your machine.

But with a cashless vending machine, you can now increase your business efficiency as all of the transactions will go straight into your account without collecting your daily sales in front of your machine.

ERP System To Handle All Of Your Business Operation

  • Real-time sales data, check your sales and stocks without physical visit.
  • Inventory management system, auto alert via email when you reach minimum stock.
  • Long-distance remote control, turn off the selling slots when any error is detected.
  • Real-time price adjustment during peak/ off peak hour.
  • Failure notification via our VECloud account.


Brilliant Mechanical Machine Design, Away from Usual

Plug in cloud monitoring system – VECloud

Multiple e-payment solution

Lifetime Upgradable vending system

Interactive Touchscreen interface

Lifetime off-site after sales services

Branding design & machine wrapping

How You Get Started A Vending Machine Business?

1. Consultation session
Select vending machine that suit your business nature.


2. Secure a high-traffic location and decide the selling products based on your target buyers.


3. Branding design, machine wrapping and labelling services that will catch your customers’ attention.


4. Life-time offsite after-sales support


5. Machine installation and e-training exclusively for you and your team.

Benefit From Increased Sales And Improved Productivity

Give your customers more ways to make payments that best suit their needs.

Receive Free No Obligation Consultation

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