How Business Owners & Employees Able To Sustain During The MCO 2.0

Are you ready to ride on the second wave of MCO? With cashless vending solutions, you get to beat your competitors and yet, provide convenience and security to the new and existing customers.

The Current Situation

Let us tell you that what you are facing currently without realizing it and how the consumers changing their behavior during the pandemic.

Business Owners


You will be experiencing:-
  • Physical Premise Closure – Shops are restricted to operate
  • Daily Sales Decrease  – No consumers are allowed to shop
  • Income losses –  You are only focusing on the sole offline channel to market your products.


Things that You Have To TAKE NOTES!!


The changing of behaviors among your customers:-
  • Consumers scared of physical contact among themselves.
  • Consumers prefer e-wallet as their payment method instead of using notes and coins due to hygiene.
  • Consumers do not prefer long queues as they might expose to viruses.



You will be experiencing:-
  • A changing of working culture.
  •  Remote work might affect your work-life performances.
  • The downturn of the economy could lead to a pay-cut.
  • Concerned about layoffs that will affect your financial problems.


Things that You Have To TAKE NOTES!!

The changes that happened around your surroundings:-
  • Passive income is playing an important role.
  • You will realize the importance of diversifying your income stream.


All You Need To Solve Your Current Problem Is


Cloud Monitoring System – VECloud Handles Your Vending Operation


  • Real-time Sales Data – Check your sales and stocks without a physical visit to a vending machine.
  • Inventory Management System –  Auto alert via email when you reach a minimum on stock-count.
  • Long-Distance Remote Control – Turn off the selling slots when any error detected.
  • Real-time price adjustment during peak/ off-peak hour

In other words, you could handle your current job/ business as usual while operating a vending machine – because everything is run automatically with just a phone!


stay at home, let vending macjhine do the rest during covid-19

Gain Customers Easily By Providing Seamless Payment Options

Using cash has become a thing of the past since the last MCO. As the government has encouraged everyone to use e-wallet as the safest payment platform for most transactions at this time. 

Not only does this enable you to increase your customer base to close to 30 million, but customers will thank you for making their payments easier, faster, and safer especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never Miss A Sale From Major E-Wallets

More people are getting more receptive towards cashless payments. They often have several e-wallets installed on their smart device as the lesson learned from MCO 1.0 – And now people have reduced their usage of cash. With the right solution, you can offer them cashless payment options through most of the major e-wallets.

Worry-Free On After Sales & Maintenance Services Of Vending Machine

Most problems like notes or coins stucked halfway during the transaction happened due to the inconvenience of the only payment option that can be found in conventional cash vending machines.

With cashless vending machine solutions, you can jump out from the problem as all payments will go straight into your account and you will no longer need to count the cash manually and deposit your daily takings.

We will cover on everything that happened during your vending machine business operates!


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Recap… A lot of people already taken the action to change the game.

Would you wish to see this difficult moment happened again in MCO 2.0? 


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