You Have Been Considering of Vending Machine Business…

But you have a lot of concerns…

Are you the one???

#1 Too Tired of Replenishing Products Into Vending Machines?!

We guess that you are currently running your own business, or currently having your own job.
You might find those daily replenishing products into vending machines is a kind of burden especially when your product runs out of stock quicker than you imagine.

We have a logistics team to do the machine replenishment!

E-Wallet Vending Machine Installation by Vechnology

#2 Fed Up of Exchange Coin From Bank Every Week?!

Since you are already so tired of the whole day’s work yet you cannot skip this routine because once the notes and coins have to be refilled to make sure the operation is running well.


Every sale will go into your bank account DIRECTLY! 

Our vending machine support:

e-wallet payment in vending machine manufactured by Vechnology

This is how cash and coins vending machine owners do their routine

Firstly, you have to prepare loads of notes and coins to refill in a vending machine. Next, collect your profit regularly. Then, counting your notes and coins individually. Finally, you have to personally deposit the money into the bank.

Compared with e-wallet vending machine operator

You can check your sales through cloud monitoring. Every sale will automatically get into your bank account!

#3 Scared Of Vending Machine Scammer?!

We are a trustable vending machine supplier in Malaysia since 2015


Our collaboration with leading payment gateway and e-payment:-

Vechnology X Ipay88
Moving Walls X Vechnology

We Are Featured At

 #4 Too Complicated to Secure A Location?!

This is the normal procedure you might undergo:


1) You heard that condo, industrial area, and schools are the hotspot. But you not too sure…
2) Thus you contact them to a source. But you so blur…
3) And they request a lot of documents from you… But you don’t know…


MY GOD!!! So many things to be done, yet so many things to be considered!!

We have readily available locations for you, limited to first come first serve!!

#5 Worry About Maintenance & Support

You will be worrying if there’s any technical error happened. The internal structure of a vending machine is kind of a “whole new world” to you…

You are covered with local warranty and after-sales services

Let’s see what other machine owners say

They provide customs vending machine with latest technology and provide more slots arrangement than other machine. Deal with 3 persons to purchase 1 unit and all of them are very helpful.
Farhana Izzatee

Today I am a happy owner of an e-wallet vending machine, delivered and installed by Vechnology Team. Their team provides a really personal and good service from the start till now, handholding me through decision making, purchasing, setting up and operating my own vending machine.
Saw Han Jian

Very reliable supplier.. highly recommended. Efficient customer service.. almost reply immediately 👍 with video solution if there is any problem with the machine..amazing team
Racheal Chong Quan Yee

Today I’m a proud owner of vending machine business.
Definitely a game-changer and innovative product. Very responsive to inquiry and support.

The product installation is handled professionally and smoothly by Vechnology team. Will purchase more machine in the future. No doubt about it.

A very recommended supplier.

Al- Hakim Rosman

#6 How much does a machine can make?!

Let us make a conservative calculation:


Targeted Daily Sales Minimum RM60
Each Item Sold RM3 – RM5
Estimated Item to Sell Per Day 12 – 20 items only

You will be earning a passive income of at least RM 1800 for every month!!

#7 Too Expensive To Invest A Smart Vending Machine?!

Most people think that investing in a high-tech smart vending machine cost about RM30,000

A smart vending machine manufactured by Vechnology offers a complete solution enabling touchscreen user interface, cashless mobile payment, and cloud base management for a vending business.


The Lowest Price in Malaysia!!!

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