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Who We Are

The name of Vechnology comes from “Vending Technology”, and it reflects the ability as a home-grown original equipment manufacturer “OEM” vending machine assembler in Malaysia. Focusing on providing internet of things [IoT] solutions, software as a service [SaaS] cloud application, and mechanical design for handling consumer-packaged goods and industrial tools.

Established in 2015, Vechnology was co-founded by Ong and Foo as a micro-enterprise, providing vending machine sales and services. With the quality of their services, the knowledge of the vending industry, and their commitment to businesses has enabled Vechnology to become one of the trustful vending machine suppliers in Malaysia, as reported in UTAR.com (2020). Vechnology continuously offers superior quality vending machines and services to cater various expectations from the market.

In 2018, chief executive officer and co-founder of Vechnology, Ong wanted to create the ultimate vending machine, which could implement technologies such as Software-as-a-service & Internet-of-things to propel Vechnology into the digital economy (Kwong Wah, 2020). His vision would soon be materialised in 2019, with Vechnology providing e-Wallet cashless payment, digital out-of-home [DOOH] advertising and also Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] to drive a better supply chain. It was in 2018 that Vechnology had a new direction, which was to switch from micro-enterprise “Vechnology Enterprise” to start-up “Vechnology Sdn Bhd” that focused on technological innovation instead of profits.

In 2019, Vechnology has been shortlisted as one of the top 30 start-ups in Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre [Magic] Global Accelerator Programme. In the same year, they have been featured as the first e-wallet vending machine producer in Malaysia by introducing their flagship product – Unified QR e-Wallet Vending Machine (The Star, 2020). In 2020, Vechnology won 2nd runner up start-up award in Korea Start-up Grand Challenge “KSGC” from South Korea (Boon, 2020).

Today, Vechnology specializes in design, research, development, manufacturing, and selling smart vending machines that are equipped with our proprietary system. All their vending machines are assembled and integrated locally in Malaysia as reported by Vulcanpost.com (2019). VE brand is the first and number one brand of Malaysia’s home-grown produced vending machines.

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Company Timeline


The Vending Machine Idea

Vechnology came up with the idea to supply vending machines in local universities to solve demand on campus.


Switching of Business Model to B2B

Vechnology enables businesses to extend their distribution channel using one-stop vending solutions. In the same year, the company became the vending supplier and after-sales service provider of the 1st pet’s food vending machine in Malaysia.


Achieved several “1st in Malaysia” Vending Machines

Vechnology launched several types of vending machines that were industry-leading, including the 1st pet food vending machine in Malaysia, 1st medical supplies vending machine in Malaysia, 1st facial recognition magazine vending machine in Malaysia, innovative e-wallet vending machine in Bank Negara Kuala Lumpur’s payment system forum and exhibition. and more to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.


One-Stop Vending Solution

Vechnology vending machines can be found in hotels, airports, neighborhood malls, hospitals, factories, laundromats, leisure parks, and public transportation hubs. The vending machines dispense medical supplies, magazines, snacks, beverages, pet’s food, cosmetics, and women essential items.


Malaysia’s Flagship Vending Machine

Vechnology establishes a new manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Penang, with the goal to revolutionise the regional vending machine industry. The company has been featured as Malaysia’s first cashless vending machine producer in several newspapers about their flagship product – Unified QR e-Wallet Vending Machine.


Leading in R&D Vending Industry

Vechnology invests heavily in research and development, with the goal to create better and innovative proprietary softwares. Building smart vending machines with solutions that help retailers and businesses that were affected in Covid-19 pandemic. In the same year, Vechnology won 2nd runner up start-up award in Korea Start-up Grand Challenge (KSGC) from South Korea.


Extending New Segmentation

Vechnology establishes another new manufacturing facility in Subang, Selangor. Vechnology assisted many businesses to go automated with smart vending machines during Malaysia’s 2 years lock down period. The company launched a new machine model which is named as VE Compact+ and renamed the flagship product as VE Alpha.

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