For once, she was an engineer and had been a teacher, and had earned high salaries from both careers than other women. However, she is also a loving mother, and she wanted to balance out her time for both her career and family. With her determination and endurance during this tough time of situation, finally she came to know on this wonderful opportunity for starting up a vending machine business.

“Hello, I’m Ms Lim. Err… Actually I have the intention to start a vending machine business… But I’m not sure that if I’ll be able to make it to be successful… I’m new to this industry…”

We still remembered our first conversation with Ms Lim 1 ½ years ago. A new and know nothing about the vending machine business. “Professional” is always our core value in operating our one-stop vending machine business solution. From customize a suitable vending machine, branding design and installation, operation training until after-sales maintenance, we never fail to assist her.

Of course, success did not come easily to a mother who have to handle her family and career at the same time. It always goes hand in hand with hardship and challenges. At the beginning of operating her vending machine business, it was tough. She wakes up at 5 am to prepare everything for her kids. Then she rushed out to refill her vending machines. She spent her time with her children, keep an eye on their homework, listened to their stories in school. She never had time to rest because she needed to do complex stock keeping too! Her routine was like a body throws over the star, the head wears moon.

“You create your reality.

To achieve something, you have to create by yourself.”

This is her words in build her vending machine business. Today, she owned 11 units of vending machine with only 1 ½ years and she promised to herself that she will keep on to be passionate and diligent along her career path!

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