Do you realise that vending machines that we can find today are different from those created a long time ago? 

Siti Khadijah, the well-known telekung brand in Malaysia

kickstarted the new automated vending channel with Vechnology’s smart vending machine. With the idea of women who were struggling to find comfortable & high quality prayer prayer garments, they came out with the idea of selling their exclusive tudung in strategic locations near the surau area. It’s a way forward for them that they had successfully expanding the sales channel throughout smart vending machine


Their exclusive telekung solat is often bought to be used as a delivery or gift to the mother

Siti Khadijah captured the market opportunity which was influenced by the changes in consumers’ behaviours. They also started to sell their prayer rugs, kopiah, bags and others to better fulfill customer needs

Try to think in another way, we should never limit ourself from gaining profit with traditional brick and mortar if there’s an opportunity to expand your business

Vending machines are growing in terms of accessibility, product types, and capabilities. The traditional brick and mortar may limit your business in different ways which create a barrier for us to break through . Instead, smart vending machines are being drafted into the revolution of retail which is way easier to operate and manage compared to traditional stores

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