24 hours Business Running Without Physical Store

Success Story

Instead of physical store, they utilise the vending machine to operate their salad bowl business for 24/7

Their Story

They are one of the top local fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers, who imported fruits and vegetables from all around the world, supply to major hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesalers.

Their Goal

Encourage public especially Uni or college students and office workers able to grab salad bowl anytime instead of choosing mamak stalls or bubble tea shop especially during the night.

Their Solution

Forget the traditional Trade Hour

To provide healthy bowl for 24 hours service, they located vending machine in front of their shop. Their customers can even purchase from the machine during peak hour to avoid long queues. They also decided to use cooling vending machine because the quality of taste is their concern.

To promote their 24 hours salad bowl, branding wrapping design used for marketing and promotional purpose to let pedestrian stop down to purchase.

Their Success

Location Decide Success

Run entire business 24 hours helps them to boost their sales. Having a vending machine is having  the business open for 7 days a week. The good thing about this is that, by not requesting to be present as in a physical store, the businessman can manage their time while allowing their customers to purchase outside of business hours.

Solutions Used

Elevator Vending
Machine with cooling

Freshness of products is a main concern. Cooling compressor added to make sure their quality on control while running their business.


The container of salad bowl is customized to help keep fresh. Therefore, slots is customized to fit in the salad bowl in optimize volume so that they don’t have to refill the items regularly.

Machine Artwork

Build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

VECloud Monitoring

Addressing daily performance especially when their shop is closed. Apply the concept of “no man on duty”.